Absolutely right about the degrees of separation. Every day more and more people are encountering death or disability with people who took the shots. Two years ago when certain people were saying that the shotted would be dead or disabled within 3-5 years, I really didn't believe that. Now, I'm coming to believe that, and it's sad. I watched a monk in Italy who made a video in 2021 about what is coming https://www.bitchute.com/video/6fI8MCcFZIzX/ I pooh-poohed it. Now something in my soul says it's true. How will the unshotted pick up the pieces?

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When Br. Alexis Bugnolo presented his commentary in July 2021 he referred to 2B that had now been injected. It is now around 5.5B (69.1% global population of 8B). I don't think the number will surpass 80%. In countries like New Zealand where mandates were imposed coupled to the most aggressive coercive psy-ops and media propaganda, they managed 79% of the population at jab 1 and 2.

There is surely a law of diminishing returns (awareness) at play here, while on the other hand, culling a proportion of the population and rendering another portion infertile may appear to serve the apparent agenda adequately.

Whatever the ultimate objectives, the flagrant and blatant disregard of ethics and evidence of harm suggests a calculated strategy, even premeditation, rising above the legion of the co-opted, the sheer incompetence, the wilful stupidity and the rank greed.

There is an intentional malevolence at play.

"How will the unshotted pick up the pieces?"

With intelligence, fortitude, endurance and His grace, strength and faith.

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"Everyone will in time come to know someone who died or was grievously sickened." Then and only then will the reality start to bite. And bite it will.

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