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When I saw them tricking people into bad care at the start, I already saw that something wrong was happening. We are the ones who chose not to fight on the battlefield from the start

Then I saw the vaccine start hurting people. I was shocked why people didn't look into it more, we could have made a strong case of no to mandates. I understand it now. Many people enlisted in the war voluntarily, because they thought they would win.

The sneakiest trick in the book! Even Pfizer was advertising how we will win.

Maybe now those shell shocked people will ask questions next time.

This war killed a lot of gullible people who trusted liars. The liars killed off a lot of their own supporters!

And here we stand in a time where the people in the middle who went along to get along, aren't getting the boosters but they can't fathom why they made that first mistake. It's ok if they never wake up fully. They're not going to make the same mistake again almost by instinct.

We stand tall in a time of people knowing that they were lied to. We stood by our judgements and convictions regarding this war and guess what, we were right.

It's a matter of time when people like us will start being recognized as someone who could spot the scam.

The irony is that we were able to spot the scam because of the basic instinct of survival. It didn't require degrees or training. There were clear signs to say no. There were systems that didn't follow procedures.

To spot a lie doesn't require expertise on the topic. All it requires is curiosity and basic understanding.

A toast to humanity learning how to spot liars. We had been barraged by lies, but that let us see a bit of who the real enemy is. Not other humans, but those who pretend to care and lie... Psychopaths/sociopaths

It's not that difficult to teach others.

They gotta understand to make sure to match what people say and make them feel to what they do.

Same exact thing to help someone move away from an abuser.

Then, they have the choice and they are no longer a pawn.

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This New Zealander thanks you for shinning a light on it

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Rise up, good people, and kill your oppressors and enslavers. Always remember, the Bible doesn't really say "Thou shalt not kill", that's the Jew-version. The Bible says "Thou shalt not MURDER." To take life in defense of self or ones people is good and Godly.

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I worry about the people who think the most important thing is who gets into Parliament. I worry about those shed up9n who think they are still "purebloods"

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Here is why the jabbed have changed: https://www.bitchute.com/video/vEp62UaWXB0x/

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Important info, thanks.

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Australia may as well be renamed ' The Lodge'.

Note- Gulia Jillard was the only prime Minister not to reside in the Masonic headquarters because it's a boy fucking club and women never used to have ducks.

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