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My sister-in-law who was in a nursing position in a regional town in NZ

refused to be injected and was forced to leave. They were desperately

short of trained nurses, but she wasn’t permitted to stay unless injected.

It wasn’t easy for many to take the position she took, It took courage and

it was stressful for her as she is a ‘loyal establishment type’ of person.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield, who led New Zealand’s Covid response has been

Knighted (a companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit) and is now

Sir Ashley Bloomfield.

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Can you please correct the quote you cite of mine? I never use that ‘s’ word. It’s unhelpful.

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Is that the Jane Halton that headed this enquiry?


I’m sure she did a great job uncovering any irregularities. 😀

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Well reported, thanks.

A few more slapped awake from the Nightmare of History of Voluntary Enslavement by Covid1984, the only silver lining in that dark storm cloud of Planetary Tyranny.

“All the problems of the man who fears for his humanity come down to the same question: how to remain free?” Stefan Zweig

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