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I, for one, appreciate truth in advertising- Pfizer wants to ‘ outdo cancer ‘ well, they certainly have one-upped it, haven’t they...? (i.e. perpetrated an ‘oncological’ nightmare)

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I forget who it was that came up with this idea, but it goes something like this:

Technology has far outpaced the ability of the average person to understand how it works, and what its adoption implies. Even people who ought to know have only a narrow understanding of their particular field. This knowledge gap is widening to the point where hardly anyone has a comprehensive understanding of how anything works anymore. Even the experts only understand their narrow specialty and have to either fake it, or defer to other experts in matters they're not familiar with. This leaves the door wide open for charlatans claiming superior knowledge because no one has the necessary understanding to question their claims until it's too late.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the field of medicine, and it's reasonable to conclude that the the majority of clinicians acting on advice from the WHO, CDC or FDA have no actual basis on which to question their authority. They simply don't know, and so defer to a higher authority for guidance.

So effectively we've gone from the 'ignorance of the masses' which was always an issue, to the 'ignorance of the specialists' who are simply overwhelmed by the complexity of their field, and the amount of time it takes to know anything about it, whatever *it* might be. A recipe for disaster if ever there was one.

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