I look forward to seeing your take on your PM resigning. Will it matter? I know in the US, we have a uniparty and one is swapped out for another one - but all are the same.

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Thank you Napoleon. The suggestion appears that the now decapitated Labour party (ethnocentric DIE far-Left ideologues, Davos adherents) may be replaced in an October 2023 general election by centre-Left ideologues (DIE embracing, pragmatic corporate economists, Davos adherents).

The WEF agenda (and all that it implies) will continue while NZzzz, unless it awakens. Pray for that.

Meanwhile, a number of minor parties are appearing. Whether they can effectively bypass the standard fare of State and corporate media censorship and highlight the many dire predicaments, present a political counterpoint, and/or potentially influence a major party remains to be seen.

Luxon, the current leader of the 'opposition' is portrayed by State media (https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/in-depth/468615/how-christopher-luxon-is-rebranding-the-national-party) as a woke globalist and devoted climatist, who apparently admires Barack Hussein Obama as his political hero (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JDZpEISJQY).

Some comment that NZ current politics is simply two wings on the same bird; as you write, 'uniparty' rule.

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"and worse, seeing the legion of mindlessly conditioned ‘go along to get along’, the friends and family melting away from one’s life, all torture-like consequences of wisely rejecting the narrative."


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I support the agenda in your article, but let me drop my two pennies into the cookie jar, too.

To me, it seems that "Medicine" is using drugs that sicken or kill by design, but it's usually a combination:


The content of the vials is also a mystery, but the end result is well-known to all those, who are interested:


Also, I believe that mRNA is only a cover-up for the combination of graphene oxide and 5G:


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Ray, thank you. I have huge respect for those nailing all the above to the wall. I try to identify and express a perspective and add something to the discourse, also hopefully with a perspective helpful to NZzzz. Otherwise, it all seems like drain circling, which seems a pointless and distracting preoccupation while the 'Agenda' is continually advanced.

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