Regarding NZ adjusting its excess death downwards: I was comparing Births & Deaths 2022 v 2023, and noticed that the 2022 data has been adjusted with 138 live births removed, and 522 deaths removed. I was scratching my head trying to work out why. Regardless, when I plotted a 'Natural Increase' graph, the results still looked pretty bad ('Increase' is currently a misnomer).

2022: https://www.stats.govt.nz/information-releases/births-and-deaths-year-ended-december-2022-including-abridged-period-life-table/

2023: https://www.stats.govt.nz/information-releases/births-and-deaths-year-ended-september-2023

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Despite its sanity on lockdowns, Sweden was so gung ho on the bioweapon shots. So what explains its lower excess mortality? Less depression and suicides?

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Not quite... this is the actual plan https://www.headsupster.com/forumthread?shortId=220

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Fear is not good for the body.

In the age of data fudging ( convid started with fake death charts) can make up a graph and have it support anything.

The boomer gen are in a check out part of their cycle .

Each one of us are responsible for our inner state.

Collectively it spreads out , the same as insanity( fear) spreads so can wisdom( and love)

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