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My partner has been fairly nieve and silent during the last 3 years but has kind of listened to my rants recently.

She is quite intuitive and having done no study into all of this shit over the last 3 years or ever, she said to me today-

" Take down the internet, ALL of it."

Meaning the controllers communication tool ( and the one brainwashing everyone) What runs these days without high tech shit?

So, taking good advice when it's presented, in my last email to you or anyone I suggest that all communications and related technologies, satellite, towers, etc that allow for global or local controllers to inact this final microchipping needs to be removed and stopped now, or this will end us.

How? Well I guess I'll have to watch the Terminator movies again🤔. I'm serious. So it's survive, hide and seek.

I am sure you have thought of this before. (and so have I, and I know it's impractical without a military capability or another type of communication device)

Goodbye and good luck

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Jul 24, 2023Liked by DrLatusDextro

Anger and violence is just what the anonymous priest want right now to bring in martial law and climate emergency act and mandated chipping an conscription for the war against someone else.

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