Thank you for quoting Putin. I like Putin. There I said it. Russia will lead the way, whether the West likes it or not.

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I understand how thinking can incorporate a view that no collapse occurred in the USSR. However, I don't believe much value arises from this postulation. I don't see the fight as an über-alles Marxism overtaking the world but rather a skillful play by highly placed individuals orchestrating power through financial control. Who are these individuals? They largely play behind the scenes but a few may sit, e.g., on the Vanguard Board of Directors who remain nameless. Their agenda has been revealed through the WEF's mission. Please view this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkjbrnX8rl8 The man is succinct and correct.

I also quote "Stratfor Global Intelligence: The Rise and the Fall of the Russian Oligarchs": "Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia looked more like the American Wild West than a once-global Eurasian power. There were few clear rules and ample opportunities for financial and political gain — legal and otherwise — as well as a number of shrewd, larger-than-life personalities who could take advantage of those opportunities. Before Vladimir Putin took control of the government in 1999, an array of factions fought for control of the country’s wealth, industries and politics, principal among them the siloviki, “The Family” and the oligarchs." https://web.archive.org/web/20201112030231/https://wikileaks.org/gifiles/attach/144/144365_RussianoligarchPDF.pdf

U.S.S.R. was "collapsed" to affect its financial takeover.

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Orwell’s quote seems to be self evident. I do not recall that particular quote but have been restating the obvious as too few see it. Others doing the same has drawn us together here on Substack.

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I couldn't agree more.

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They all know exactly what they are doing. The they is China and Russia they will revel in the bloodbath the EU and the USA will engage in as they will devour each other under the guise of diversity equity inclusion climate change blah blah blah. All the while China and Russia patiently wait for the final performance in their well written and choreographed play It is Just Another Successful Psy Op Operation!

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China and Russia are hybrid communist Capitalist states. Russia is now the Jr. Partner of China. China is the WEF favorite for some years now. The destruction of the West by Neo-Marxists is a long term plan of China and the injection of poison for Covid hastens the demise of the West

Text below is from commentary on https://archive.org/details/AnatoliyGolitsyn

. The West never verified the collapse of the USSR because no collapse occurred, since if a real collapse had occurred the West would have verified it, since the survival of the West depends on verification. Conversely, this proves that the political parties of the West were co-opted by Marxists long before the fraudulent collapse of the USSR, since the survival of the West depends on verification.

In fact, the 'freed' Soviets and West also never (1) de-Communized the Soviet Armed Forces of its Communist Party officer corps, which was 90% officered by Communist Party members; and (2) arrested/de-mobilized the 5-6 million vigilantes that assisted the Soviet Union's Ministry of the Interior and police control the populations of the larger cities during the period of Perestroika (1986-1991).

Due to New Lies for Old, the USSR was (1) forced to alter its strategy; which (2a) allows one to empirically verify the fraudulent collapse of the USSR; thereby (2b) also allowing one to empirically verify the Marxist infiltration of the West's political parties and institutions.

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