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The perjury and malpractice of corrupt medics – “exprt witnesses – and a compliant judiciary responsible for pain and suffering of the Ardern New Zealand Goverment

Prof.Angus Dalgleish: Systematic Suppression of the Truth – COVID Vaccines Are Linked to Cancer and Death

Welcome to Clown World

Queen Of Myths?

The Jabaconda Is As The Jabaconda Does

Pierre Chaillot: “I’m coming out ‘no virus’…”

Dr. Mike Yeadon: "EVERYTHING Was Propaganda. There Was No New Illness Called Covid19. There Is No SARS-CoV-2 “Virus”

Neil Oliver: Proud Conspiracy Theorist

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'A Rather Sad Little Country...'

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Mistakes Were Not Made

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

"A Challenging Time For People"

Dr. Vernon Coleman: Our Freedom Has Gone – Probably Forever

Can You Sense The Great Unraveling?

COVID Made Me a Full-on Anti-Vaxxer

Prof.Angus Dalgleish: Massive Cancer Deaths Study Vindicates My Warnings Over COVID Boosters

The non-science of WHO’s weekly Covid reports

Memory Holing ... Not Here

Ant Critchley: the UK publican who would not comply.

On Human Suffering

The Central Globalist Myth

Circling The Drain Or The Cauldron?

My Weekend Rant: Princess of Wales’ Cancer Diagnosis and a Spate of Coincidences on the Soccer Field!

Dr. Mike Yeadon: Introductory Statement About Serious Crimes

2020 ~ The Rise Of The Stooges

I'm All Out Of Hopium. But Try Some of This...

The Final Pandemic

British and French Troops ON THE GROUND in Ukraine

Australian Senate Acknowledges Excess Deaths

Gell-Mann Amnesia

Pfizer Never Stops Gaslighting Us

Sputnik V is an unlawful experiment, patient advocacy group says

New Zealand OIA request reveals the COVID vaccines increased your risk of dying

Caught in their own trap?

Just For The Record

Transcript of Tucker Carlson’s interview with President Putin – GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT!!!

Updating our own priors to accommodate new evidence

Dr. Yeadon Comments on “Memo Re EUA Countermeasures To Send to Your Doctor, Pharmacist, Employer, School, Sheriff, County Commissioner and State Lawmakers” by Sasha Latypova

Dr. Vernon Coleman: This is the End

The Inventor of Lipid Nanoparticles Knew the mRNA Wouldn't Stay in Your Arm

David Dickson: Until Proven Otherwise, We Have Seen Nothing Less Than MASS MURDER on a Global Scale Since 2020

JUST IN: German Public Broadcaster WDR Airs Alarming Segment on DNA Contamination

“You Will Own Nothing – and Be Happy”